ADT Grows with You


With its presence at CES, ADT seeks to revitalize and reposition itself as a brand that’s fully adept to newer, growing demographics of customers and emerging markets, such as millennials, and new, or aspiring homeowners. Additionally, the world’s largest tech show serves as the perfect platform for ADT to exhibit its new DIY — product line due to hit stores in Q1/Q2 2020.

When it comes to ADT’s experience design, the goal is to provide a clear context around all of the brand’s products on display while keeping in mind the pillars of the newly-refreshed ethos. The result is a big splash on the CES show floor — generating buzz onsite, on social media, and beyond. Introducing . . . the new ADT!

The Experience:

When attendees step into the 2,500 sq. ft. custom ADT CES 2020 experience, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, which stands out in an otherwise white and desaturated landscape. This is due in part to the brand’s newly curated pastel color palette, which gives the space a primary color to delineate distinct experiential and product family-centric zones. Design elements that immediately stand out include a large (8’h x 13’w) LED Digital Attract Wall that’s dynamic, and features fun booth moments in real time. Three interactive tech wall displays act as brand focal points. Bursts of botanical realness — on trend plants — convey a sense of home in a starker, cavernous environment as a DJ provides relaxing music.

We Grow With You

Throughout the experience, the spotlight is on the brand’s monitoring service — Blue by ADT. Using dogs as a metaphor, Blue by ADT positions itself as an adaptable “We Grow With You” product line — solutions ranging from the apartment renter to first-time homebuyer and beyond. An overarching story unfolds through mini product narratives that highlight changing security needs over time.

  • First step: Young adult in apartment with new puppy.
  • Second step: Dog owner moves in with partner and buys a townhome.
  • Third step: The couple gets another dog and expands to a free-standing home with a yard.

A Deeper Dive Into the Experience

From branded coffee mugs (“I <3 Dad” “1 <3 Dogs”) found throughout the space to music records, to pets, the ADT CES 2020 experience is awash in its new branding. Blue by ADT camera products are demoed in relatable vignettes of everyday household life. These include the family kitchen with grandma’s coveted, delicious home recipes, a playful swimming pool, a hip cafe lounge, and your pet’s excitement on your return home from work.

A strong contrast to neighboring booths in the LVCC, the ADT vignettes showcase firsthand how the brand helps protect what means most to you.

The Family Kitchen

The Command/Control products integrated in the Family Kitchen include a command panel, control wireless interface, Alexa integration, interior camera, Life/Safety CO, smart lighting, leak monitor, and an appliance module. Stylized home settings display the range of ADT home automation products working perfectly in sync.

Did we mention this space also comes with “Grandma” and a cook who acts as an ADT brand ambassador, warmly greeting and engaging with attendees. Attendees have a sensory experience watching the cook bake a cherished apple crisp recipe (prominently shown on display as attendees walk in) live in a real-size, modern family kitchen. While waiting for the apple crisp to come hot out of the oven, attendees have the chance to view the integrated kitchen product displays. Not only is this area very aromatic, it's candidly enjoyed by all who stop by.

Mobile Solutions

This area is all about showcasing protection monitoring when you’re away from home, and includes a large interactive wall that maps out a date night scenario of traveling with a Lyft and the need for individual protection. What’s exciting about this space is that it seamlessly highlights ADT’s new partnership with Lyft and their mobile solutions platform — the ADT SoSecure standalone app. What’s more, a cafe scene reinforces the narrative and plays host to a thought leadership setting with fireside chats taking place throughout the day.

The Trust Fall

The ADT Trust Fall Pool conveys the brand’s repositioning as the pinnacle safety solution, with the “ADT has your back” mantra front and center. The elevated design draws in attendees curious to explore the quirkiness of the experience as well as the revamped brand.

This space in the ADT CES 2020 experience is all about giving attendees a singular moment that celebrates how freedom from worry is liberating. The large-scale, home-style pool, foam pit activation aka “Trust Fall Pool”' provides another reference to omnipresent protection and comes equipped with a Slo-mo camera experience capture and social media sharing.

The experience aims to educate about not simply relying on technology but rather infusing it with natural feelings of trust that familiar environments provide. Attendees leave with a much stronger, lasting impression and a piece of digital content that marks the moment.


In this area, mini narratives highlight three main products: an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, and a video doorbell. 

The first vignette, the indoor camera, replicates a youthful apartment with a new puppy. It also showcases a product feature integration and invites attendees to tell Alexa it’s “Puppy Play Time.” The lighting and music instantly change the mood. Did we mention it features a bubble machine?

The second vignette features the doorbell camera and how it gives owners an eye to the outside world. Attendees take part in an immersive scenario that’s about stopping your pet from terrorizing the mailman. Facial recognition alerts send notifications when the postman arrives, enabling attendees to release food to keep Spot preoccupied.

The third vignette focuses on the yard of a home equipped with an outdoor camera that doubles as a puppy cam. The experience entices attendees to venture out of the convention center to visit the puppy activation for some calm-inducing time with the emotional support pups.

The space includes the DIY Configurator wall that outlines three different home scenarios: apartment, townhome, and freestanding house. The wall illustrates varying lifestyles and objects of value for each. Attendees take quizzes on interactive touchscreens to configure various system scenarios.

Puppy Playtime Offsite Experience

Attendees are invited to visit, pet and play with the therapy dogs whose live feed is part of the experience at the DIY zone of the ADT LVCC exhibit.. The Las Vegas therapy dog nonprofit only asks for a charitable donation for playing with the pups. The activation, located off the show floor on the Las Vegas strip, is a smart, feel-good, branded experience. The cheerful, relaxed feeling is the perfect takeaway synonymous with the ADT brand.

The bold branding of the therapy dog activation aesthetically links the two locations; the LVCC experience and the Vegas strip puppy corral. Blue by ADT cameras are prominently displayed with graphics that tout how ADT provides peace of mind with tools to keep our loved ones safe.

The Results

The ADT CES 2020 experience immerses attendees and sales prospects into the brand’s ethos. Sensory experiences — the trust fall pool, apple crisp food giveaways, and immersive product demos — paint the brand with new light. Interactive product demos from real world scenarios articulate the universal applications of ADT’s products, reinforcing the brand message that peace of mind comes when what matters most is protected.

  • 2500 sq. ft.; custom design and build
  • Immersive, sensory-driven experience to introduce ADT’s new brand positioning
  • Home atmosphere with lifestyle vignettes, including a full-size, modern kitchen
  • Foam “trust fall” engagement with shareable Slo-mo capture technology
  • Interactive tech walls and a massive LED content display wall
  • Off the show floor nonprofit therapy dog activation

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