The ABB Ability™ Story Comes to Life

ABB, a pioneering technology leader in the utility, industry, transportation, and infrastructure segments, debuts its new digital capability, ABB Ability™, at Customer World. The cross-industry solution connects customers to the power of the Industrial Internet of Things, turning data insights into real world actions. The multifaceted story comes to life at the highly interactive ABB Ability pavilion.

The ABB Ability pavilion, the nucleus of Customer World, funnels attendees in and out of the expo through a custom, dynamic, fabric fin tunnel structure with synchronized LED lighting. The Ability zone, cleverly positioned at the end of the tunnel, is the first experience attendees encounter upon entering the expo floor ensuring 100% product exposure. The zone’s smart interactive experience entices attendees to explore the ABB Ability connectivity story through touchscreens, leap motion sensor technology, virtual reality, and four large curved LED walls. Each quadrant highlights solutions for specific industry segments.

“ABB Ability is not easy to explain. The Sparks Team did a fantastic job; not just driving the process, but also, creating everything you see.”—Richella Odebrecht, Group VP, Head of Communications, ABB

ABB Customer World brings together professionals from utilities, industries and infrastructure for a premier educational and collaboration event. The experience delivers innovative looks at new ideas, trends and technologies that impact the way companies move forward in a rapidly changing business landscape.

  • ABB Ability Debut; 10,000 sq. ft. pavilion
  • Pavilion is dramatic entrance to bi-annual user conference
  • Interactive includes touchscreens, VR, leap motion sensor technology
  • 4 large curved LED walls

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