Brumos Racing Car Collection
Vick Corporate Art Advisers Comcast Technology Center
Villanova University Davis Center
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Customer Engagement Center
McKesson Richmond Regional Vision Center
The Revs Institute Collier Collection
Safilo New York Showroom
Sampan Restaurant
Rutgers University Hale Center 2013
The Revs Institute The Rivals
McKesson Vision Center
Dolby Market Street Headquarters


Brand environments, or customer success centers, are designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between prospects, customers and company experts; to solve problems or to uncover valuable business opportunities. Sparks designed environments embrace the latest in collaborative and interactive functionality that help customers uncover innovations that impact critical business processes. Working shoulder to shoulder with experts in these brand labs, customers walk away with clear, actionable plans.

Customer engagement centers boast the latest in multimedia, collaborative stations and display walls. The flexible spaces quickly reset for product demos or various sales or education scenarios; numerous arrangements from one-on-one engagements to large group presentations. Multifunctional displays convert to several interactive configurations that drive brand content. Brand environments are spaces where customers or prospects totally immerse themselves in the brand’s eco system.