T-Mobile 5G&me Experience Center
ASML Experience Center Light Lab: Engaging and Educational
The Zinus Amazon Pop-In Experience
Explore The New M&M’S Fixture Program
Vick Corporate Art Advisors Comcast Technology Center
Samsung Galaxy S10
Brumos Racing Car Collection
Marie Claire The Next Big Thing Concept Shop
Dolby SoHo Pop-Up Experience
Comcast Xfinity Retail Store Rollouts
Villanova University Davis Center
Verizon Destination Store Santa Monica

Brand & Retail Environments

A leader in the brand and retail sector for more than 80 years, Sparks is redefining brand and retail management to elevate shopper experiences, brand environments, and customer success centers. Customer engagement centers boast the latest in multimedia, collaborative stations and display walls.From shop-in-shops, point-of-purchase displays and prototypes, to flagship stores and freestanding structures, we design and produce innovative brand and retail solutions that deliver real value and impact.

Sparks designed environments embrace the latest in collaborative and interactive functionality that help customers uncover innovations that impact critical business processes. Working shoulder to shoulder with experts in these brand labs, customers walk away with clear, actionable plans.

Our experience design team comprises a diverse group of eclectic thinkers, creators, and storytellers from varied backgrounds — industrial design, graphic design, fine arts, experiential design, technology, and digital design. Every Sparks brand and retail solution involves a balance of strategy and thoughtful creativity that this team delivers.

Manufacturing is also the core of Sparks brand and retail experiences. Together, we determine the best approach to meet your program goals. Our production flexibility results in the most efficient and cost-effective production for your fixture program.