Trade Show Strategy is the Foundation

Strategy is the foundation of an effective trade show program. It’s about using research and data to make informed decisions. It’s about leveraging key insights to deliver more impactful experiences. It’s about creating greater value for the business and the audience. Our dedicated strategy team led by Senior Vice President Strategy, Marc Herron, addresses client-specific needs and delivers insights that fuel the trade show experience process.

Our capabilities include:

Integrated Marketing

  • Platform Development
  • GTM plans
  • Media Audits
  • 360 Campaign Creative Development including:

 - Culture moment making

 - PR and Buzz-worthy

 - Social and digital development

 - Partnership and influencer strategy

 - Media framework

 - Regional marketing programs

Research and Analysis

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Experience Audit
  • Social Audit
  • Surveys and Focus Groups
  • EventFit Analysis and Planning
  • Market Locations
  • Attendee Acquisition
  • Sponsorship Participation
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Planning

Live + Digital Roadmaps

  • Event Theme
  • Storymaking
  • Speaker Consulting
  • Keynote Content
  • Expo/Experience Alignment
  • Registration
  • Attendee Journey
  • Scheduling and Agenda Development
  • Workshops
  • Social Seeding


Trade Show Marketing

Thinking Strategically

Approaching your trade show programs strategically allows you to be more proactive, navigate organizational challenges and drive greater value to your business. Learn nine ways to optimize your marketing programs and make smarter decisions.

Trade show services strategy pdf.