Trade Show Strategy is the Foundation

Strategy is the foundation of an effective trade show program. It’s about using research and data to make informed decisions. It’s about leveraging key insights to deliver more impactful experiences. It’s about creating greater value for the business and the audience. Our dedicated strategy team led by Senior Vice President Strategy, Marc Herron, addresses client-specific needs and delivers insights that fuel the trade show experience process.

For help with insights on developing a strategy for your trade show program or integrating a social media campaign, download the Strategy and Social Media content on this page.

Trade Show Marketing

Thinking Strategically

Approaching your trade show programs strategically allows you to be more proactive, navigate organizational challenges and drive greater value to your business. Learn nine ways to optimize your marketing programs and make smarter decisions.

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Sparks Strategic 4-Step Process

Get a Quick Overview

Sparks consultative offerings help clients make smarter, data-informed trade show decisions. Develop insights, strategies and ideas that inspire exceptional design and content creation.

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Trade Show Strategy

Social Media

Is your experience on the right audiences’ radar? Are your attendees sharing your content? Are your activations living on long after the trade show? Trade show social media, done right, has tremendous impact, extending live experiences to virtual audiences around the world in real time. Imagine expanding your brand exponentially at every show.

Trade Show Strategy

Social Media 101

Learn the basics to drive a more effective social media strategy for trade shows. Find out how to get more bang from your budgets. Social media delivers more value by impacting a larger audience, maintaining value-driven relationships and creating assets for multiple channels long after the show.

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Social Media Content Downloads

The social strategy basics to industry trends to some eye-opening facts and figures.

  1. Social Media Quick Overview
  2. Connecting the Dots
  3. Get the Numbers