EventScore® The Complete Trade Show Measurement System

You know your brand needs data to make smart decisions about trade show effectiveness. The question is—what kind of data? And what do you do with it? Our innovative trade show measurement system, EventScore®, consists of a combination of quantitative and qualitative data measurement techniques that provide a comprehensive assessment of program effectiveness against objectives and industry benchmarks, as well as a roadmap for continuous improvement.

Why Measure?

Metrics that Matter

Trade show marketers tend to measure what happened rather than why it matters. Number of leads and customer demos tend to dominate metrics discussion with no insight to what these performance indicators mean for business.

Metrics that Matter is Sparks’ trade show services measurement case study.
Metrics Informed by Business Values

Measurement Framework

If you can’t answer the question, “So What?” your trade show metrics aren’t informed by a business value. A comprehensive and meaningful trade show measurement framework evaluates the impact of a show on pipeline opportunity, brand affinity and relationship strength, as well as the overall quality of the trade show experience.

sparks measurement framework
The 4 Key Metrics that Matter

Get a Quick Overview

Effective trade show measurement isn’t about the amount of data you collect. It’s about understanding what drives business value.

sparks measurement quick overview