A leader in the retail sector for more than 80 years. We’re defining retail management to elevate customer experiences. We design and produce innovative retail solutions that deliver real value and impact. From shop-in-shops, point-of-purchase displays and prototypes, to flagship stores and freestanding structures, our retail teams bring your design vision to life.

Our retail experience design team comprises a diverse group of thinkers, creators, and storytellers from varied disciplines—industrial design, graphic design, fine arts, experiential design, technology, and digital design. Balancing strategy and thoughtful creativity, we deliver meaningful, custom retail solutions.

Sparks retail production offers unique advantages; more than 6.3m sq. ft. of domestic and international manufacturing, quick turnaround prototyping, capabilities in metal, wood, glass, acrylic, laminates, solid surface, lacquer, powder coating, painting, staining, LED, light box solutions, full-service graphic production, AND a one year manufacturing warranty.

Manufacturing is the core of Sparks retail. Together, we determine the best approach to meet your program goals. Whether it’s the latest trends in construction, new substrates, fastener technology, or maximizing material yield, our engineering team stays current on best practices to assure the best retail solutions possible.

Program Management

We treat each client unique and build dedicated service teams around their individual requirements. We provide world-class customer service and oversee each project from start to finish.

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Design and Detail

We design new retail environments and displays with a thoughtful understanding of your brand and goals. We offer creative and strategic direction, and have the in-house expertise to pull it all off.

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Digital and Virtual Technologies

When Sparks designs digital experiences for retail, the shopper is transported into a dynamic, compelling, engaging world—a 3D snapshot of who they can become with your brand by their side. An athlete, fashionista or explorer? Sparks makes that happen.

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We translate the creative to the real world. We work with designers to fine-tune the production aspects of their designs. Together, we pinpoint and troubleshoot possible issues or identify cost savings.

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Domestic Production

As your build partner, fabrication, fixturing and production services – from the initial idea to the final wave goodbye – are managed flawlessly. Our retail production flexibility results in the most efficient and cost-effective production for your fixture program.

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Import Production

As a single-source partner, all fabrication, graphic production and logistics services are managed in-house. We ensure flawless execution so clients can focus on what truly matters--connecting with their customers!

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Experts handle all the details, making Sparks your one-stop-shop for design, engineering, fabrication and install.

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We offer detailed coordination at every stage of your project to ensure a successful program. Our facilities and partner warehouses around the world utilize millions of square feet of space to accommodate retail programs of all sizes and shapes.

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