Your audience is ready to listen — but what are you saying and how are you going to make it effective? As an agency that values connection over everything, Sparks not only believes that great content is powerful, it's fundamental — no matter the platform.

For decades we’ve been creating content that’s award-winning, memorable, and smart. We can help with the entire process — from concept development to brand identity, from advising on agenda, formats, and programming to creating original videos. We love designing presentations, writing scripts, handling motion graphics — the works.

If you need a slick transition for your virtual broadcast or advice on how to program your agenda so attendees leave wanting more — we’ve got you covered.

Most importantly - Sparks will help you develop messaging and programming that’s right for your audience, extends your brand strategy, and shines through the entire experience. Above all else — we’ll make sure you maximize attendee engagement.

With strategy at our helm, design as our superpower, and production as our force, Sparks has your content needs covered.


Making sure your audience is connected to your brand is critical. Our team of storytellers look at content and messaging from beginning to end to make sure your content is clear, consistent — and distinct.

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Visual storytelling is a critical component of engaging an audience. Our creative services team can design a look and feel for your content, and help your message shine.

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We produce content that tells a brand story — and provide full-service production — from concept to execution, no matter if it’s live, virtual, or somewhere in between.

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