Wonder Woman + Made With Code: An Epic Partnership

June 05, 2017


Made with Code, Google’s initiative to champion the next generation of female leaders and inspire them to see coding as a way to pursue their dreams, has released a new Wonder Woman-based coding project aimed at teen girls. With this program, users can code three different scenes from the Wonder Woman film, which arrived in theaters Friday, June 1st, using introductory coding principles to help Wonder Woman navigate obstacles and reach her goal.

Using blocks of code that comprise actions, objects and variables, those new to coding can see how the different aspects of code fit together to create a finished product. Young coders can use these code blocks to help Wonder Woman overcome obstacles in her path and reach her goals. Google is also releasing an updated version of DC Legends, a game available in the Google Play store, with exclusive movie content and special events inspired by the Wonder Woman film.

Sparks helped bring the collaboration between Google Play, Made with Code and Warner Brothers, to life by designing and producing a special event for 100 teen girls from the Los Angeles area Thursday night. The girls were invited to a discussion with Amber Kirsch, the Lead Visual Effects producer on the film, who shared how computer science is critical to the production of Hollywood films. Following the discussion, the girls explored the new Made with Code program and played the updated DC Legends game, before enjoying an advance screening of the Wonder Woman movie.


"We hope Wonder Woman's message of empowerment inspires teen girls, and women, to build confidence in pursuing careers in computer science, engineering, gaming - or whatever their dreams may be," Google Play's Mathilde Cohen Solal wrote in a statement.

Sparks was responsible for project management, creative design, graphics, venue sourcing and management, F&B, transportation, and onsite event management.