Dunkin Donuts First in Line for Waze New Order Ahead Feature

March 31, 2017


Dunkin Donuts is the first brand to partner with Waze to launch the navigation app’s latest feature, Waze Order Ahead. DD Perks® Rewards Members can now order their favorite coffee, donut or breakfast sandwich from the Waze App before even hitting the road.

The new Waze Order Ahead feature creates a seamless experience that allows Wazers, before beginning their trip, to pinpoint the nearest Dunkin Donuts restaurant and tap a single button to launch Dunkin Donuts’ On-the-Go Ordering within the Waze App.

Waze tapped Sparks to develop a promotional video to highlight this new collaborative feature to its tech-savvy audience. Sparks partnered with both brands to create an animated walkthrough of the process, illustrating the ease of ordering your favorites from Dunkin before-you-go through Waze.

A growing core offering at Sparks, our content creation scope included:

  • Script creation

  • Storyboard development

  • Style frames

  • Voice Over

  • Animation

To view the video and learn how the new Order Ahead feature works, watch below:

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