Sparks Takes on CES!

January 06, 2017

2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the trade-show when it comes to consumer electronics and consumer technology. Each year, Sparks partners with world-renowned brands to produce their CES experiences, and this year is no exception! Sparks aims to build undeniable moments that empower people, get them thinking, change the direction of their lives, or simply bring smiles to their faces. The captivation experiences of Monster, Peloton Cycle, and Dolby Laboratories at this years CES are detailed below.


Monster is the largest manufacturer of headphones in the world, makers of the world-famous Beats by Dre, and a recent entrant into audio speakers. The company is all about high-performance audio and a brilliant consumer experience.Sparks produces an experience anchored by ultra modern showcase's for cool products and the perfect launch pad for creating buzz around new designs about to hit the market.

Peloton Cycle

The brand’s CES experience design fully immerses show attendees into the Peloton experience. Riders interact with both high tech bikes in their native environments; home and studio.

Dolby Laboratories

The Dolby CES experience, designed by Sparks, transforms 8,000 sq. ft. of open space into a branded environment that includes the latest Dolby products, an immersive theater, three product galleries, several enclosed meeting rooms, hospitality, and an open lounge for informal discussions.

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