Sparks at Philadelphia Futures Event

July 02, 2017

Philadelphia Futures is a nonprofit organization that provides Philadelphia’s low-income, first-generation-to-collect students with the tools resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.

As part of their Career Exploration & Awareness course at Temple University this summer, Sparks’ Kelley Sauer was asked to speak to a group of Philadelphia high school sophomores.

"Philadelphia Futures is something near and dear to my family's heart so it was important for me to participate,” Kelley states. “The program brings together a thoughtful, smart and driven group of students - they are easily impressionable. I remember being their age and having all these dreams about my future career.”

Kelley took time with students to highlight her non-linear career path over the past 7 years culminating with her current role as Associate Account Director, Events. She also discussed the history of Sparks, many of the award-winning and innovative projects, as well as important topics like diversity in the workplace.

“I wanted to share my experience with them to let them know that life and careers don't have to be linear in order to be successful,” Kelly adds. “It's OK to not always know what to do or that it's OK to change careers if your dream job wasn't what you thought it would be."

In addition to her providing valuable industry insights to students, she also highlighted the opportunities in the Sparks college internship program, and how they could get involved with the company.

Want to join the Sparks college internship program? Apply here.

Posted by Lacey Gilleran | Request as a Speaker

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