Sparks Launches Measurement Resource Center

September 16, 2015

We understand that every company is unique and that your program might have a set of distinct experiential objectives that are unlike any other business. That said, we have a perspective on what most companies should be focused on when it comes to business-value driving metrics. You know your brand needs data to make smart decisions about event measurement. The question is—what kind of data? And what do you do with it? Our New Measurement Resource Center helps you determine the best approach for your events.

Our innovative measurement system, EventScore®, consists of a combination of quantitative and qualitative data measurement techniques that provide a comprehensive assessment of event effectiveness against objectives and industry benchmarks, as well as a roadmap for continuous improvement. Marketers tend to measure what happened rather than why it matters. Number of leads and customer demos tend to dominate metrics discussion with no insight to what these performance indicators mean for business. Our system will help you understand exactly what is happening and how it is impacting your event.

A comprehensive and meaningful measurement framework evaluates the impact of an event on pipeline opportunity, brand affinity and relationship strength, as well as the overall quality of the experience.

If you’re interested in measuring your event investments (or improving how you measure them), check out our new Measurement Resource Center! This page offers you everything you need to know about event measurement—from why you should do it to how you should do it and everything in between.

Visit the Measurement Resource Center now!

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