Sparks' Jamie Barlow Featured in BizBash

January 16, 2017

Various twists on reality - augmented, virtual, mixed - top BizBash's roundup of technology products and strategies that will influence face-to-face experiences this year. BizBash hits on the topic of emerging event technology by gathering the  insights from 10 industry professionals. Sparks' VP of Creative Technology, Jamie Barlow, is featured in this article.

Barlow discusses the connections between technology  experimental marketing stating that it is not always about the newest thing. Instead he suggests that it is the maturity of a technology that is important. "Being able to see the right relationship between technology execution and the story or message that’s being told is 10 times more powerful than having a new technology that is just purely interesting because it’s new."

As for what to expect in the future of experimental he stated that “We expect next year there will be more of a seamless integration of tech experiences within experiential marketing across all of our clients. It’s become an expectation from an attendee perspective that these brand experiences are connected, that they are personalized, that they meet them where they want to be, that they are sharable in a way that is really relevant to the attendee." Attendees have want to have interactive experiences that can post about with their own devices.

Barlow finishes his interview by sharing that he feels we will be seeing a lot VR and mixed reality as well as AI and machine learning. As technology improves it is vital for marketers to stay on top of the trends. A better understanding of the technology at hand will result in an experience that is both powerful and memorable.

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