Samsung Serif TV Launches at MoMA

July 19, 2016

Samsung Serif TV unveils at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The MoMA Design Store selects Serif TV to be included in its store. The Sparks launch event is attended by over 130 guests from the electronics and interiors industries. Festivities include a press event, cocktail hour and speaker sessions.

TV as design object

The Serif TV is the first electronics product by French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, whose work is represented in the MoMA’s collection. The Bouroullec brothers approached the project with the same sensibility they use in making furniture, aiming to design a piece of technology that fits into a home environment more naturally, one that didn’t have to be setup against a wall to conceal hardware. The result is a design-centric TV that recalls the style of midcentury sets with none of the bulk.

Samsung Serif TV designers, brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

When the Bouroullec Brothers designed the Samsung Serif TV, they envisioned an object that fits into everyday life—a hybrid of furniture design and technology. The Serif TV is inspired by old picture frames and was designed to serve as one collective screen: A TV with a user interface that can apply a filter over the content, creating a "curtain mode" in which viewers can access services such as a clock, Bluetooth speakers, apps and their photo gallery. The TV's profile mimics the shape of the letter "I" in serif font. It broadens to form a flat surface on top which can be used as a shelf and the bottom so the TV can sit anywhere. A removable magnetic fabric back conceals the TV's hardware.

Samsung Serif TV features:

• 40" 4K Ultra HDTV

• HDR Premium, Motion Rate (MR) 120, PurColor, Contrast Enhancer and UHD Dimming

• Web Browser

• Quad Core Processor

• TV to Mobile/Mobile to TV Monitoring

• Smart View

• Briefing on TV

• 3 HDMI Connections

• 2 USB Connections

• 802.11 AC Built-In WiFi

• Dolby® Digital Plus Audio

• DTS® Premium Sound and 5.1™ Decoding

• 20 Watt 2 Channel

• Serif exclusive Remote Control

• Four removable legs

High praise from MoMA

MoMA Design Store offers the most cutting-edge products that use tech to enhance everyday life. Every tech item that is selected to be included in the store is product-tested using real-life scenarios, and receives scrutiny from MoMA design curators to ensure that the newest technology-based products pass the ultimate litmus test: Is this design truly useful? If it didn't exist, would the world miss it?

I think we’d miss it very much!

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