McKesson Vision Center Named ABPM 2015 World Class Center

May 07, 2015

We've talked about the importance of executive briefing centers before. Now more than ever, brands are employing them to create a focused corporate experience for key accounts and prospects. McKesson Vision Center ABPM 2015 World Class Center is a great case study.

Sparks completely overhauls McKesson's Vision Center and creates an experience that offers visitors a compelling, interactive journey through the complex healthcare environment. The new design wins accolades from the Association of Briefing Program Managers, ABPM. McKesson Vision Center is chosen one of four 2015 World Class Centers. What an honor!

The McKesson journey consists of an enormous network of suppliers and patients as well as the software that safely delivers data to service, inform and protect them. Approximately 4,000 sq. ft. presents multiple vignettes that represent all of the settings of care that McKesson products affect. From sophisticated conveyer lines of 24-hour warehouse fulfillment, to the physician’s office, to neighborhood pharmacies, and assisted living centers, each module is humanized with a patient-centric story. The one-hour tour is lead by McKesson’s internal experts that navigate the complex narrative with integrated technology for enhanced storytelling, content on-demand and visitor dialogue.

The McKesson Vision Center ABPM 2015 World Class Center is the ultimate tool to showcase its healthcare solutions and connect with clients and prospects on a deeper level—a relatable experience that combines storytelling and technology.

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