Headstrong x HONY Interview Filmed at Sparks SoHo

September 08, 2016


We are proud to lend our SoHo office to support The Headstrong Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping post 9/11 veterans fight the debilitating effects of PTSD. CBS Evening News correspondent Jim Axelrod  interviewed founder Zachary Iscol along with Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York about their recent collaboration.

Headstrong and  Humans of New York teamed up to spread the message that "recovery is possible, but you’ve got to ask for help." In the article Frank Lesnefsky shares his journey and praises the support he received from Headstrong.  He opened up and  detailed some of the horrors he witnessed in Iraq. Many bloggers followed in Franks steps and began to share their own stories. The veterans told their own experiences in hopes of reaching others that have been effected by PTSD.  They want people to make connections and realize that they are not alone in this battle.

The article concludes  with a powerful revelation of the hidden struggles that many veterans face. " When you are fighting a battle where the wounds are invisible, true courage is letting others see them."

Be sure to check out the inspiring interview here!

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