Google I/O Wins Big - Twice!

November 16, 2016

Google takes home two awards in one day. Google I/O 2016 receives the award for Best Conference at BizBash’s Event Style Awards as well as the gold for Best B2B Environment at Event Marketer’s Experience and Design Technology Awards. The playful spin this years I/O leaves the experiential world craving more. 

Sparks transforms a traditionally indoor conference into an outdoor festival that occupies over 10 acres. Developers immerse themselves and explore the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. The three-day conference offers keynote speakers, sessions , and product launches. Nighttime events take on a Burning Man’esque type of atmosphere with concerts by artists such as Charli XCX and Kygo.

Google’s "festival" experience changes the face of a typical developer conference and catches the eyes of BizBash. They are looking for companies that task risk and try something different. As for Event Marketer,  their focus is on the best designed experiences and the most effectively “wired” engagements. Between 10 acres of concerts, sessions, and product launches Google I/O 2016 checks everything on both BizBash and Event Marketers  list.  

More about Sparks Event Production

Here at Sparks design is our life blood.  Whether it’s a high profile, globally attended three-day conference for thousands or an intimate, high-level VIP experience for 100, we produce events and create experiences that exude your brand story while creating brand advocates. Through experiential marketing, we help build undeniable moments that empower people, get them thinking, change the direction of their lives, or simply bring smiles to their faces.

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