Google for Education at EDUCAUSE 2017

December 01, 2017

The Google for Education EDUCAUSE 2017 experience showcases the Google Cloud platform solutions for higher education.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, in Philadelphia, PA, is a four-day conference that hosts professionals and technology providers from around the world to network, share ideas, and discover solutions to today’s challenges. Attendees have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from 8,000 of their peers and actively contribute to the best thinking in higher education IT.

Ambassador using VR tools at Google for Education EDUCAUSE 2017 experience.

The Google for Education 1,200 sq. ft. activation is a visually dynamic cardboard wonderland; a modern classroom filled with engaging interactive experiences subdivided into specific areas of attendee interests:

Highlights intelligent, dependable IT with a case study, a data loss API demo and an IAP demo.

Covers Big Data and Machine Learning highlighting AI and Big Data speech. This area also features the Thing Translator and a Tensor Flow demo.

Campus Tour
Showcases signage and devices including digital signage.

Teaching Theater
Demonstrates how the use of G Suite collaborative tools help people and teams work better together.

Study Lounge
The place to go for training and certifications with Breakouts EDU and Qwiklabs.

Ambassador using the Jamboard at the Google for Education EDUCAUSE 2017 experience.

Office Hours
The Google Help Desk features Jamboard, G Suite’s collaborative whiteboard.

Vision API
A photo booth where attendees create and take home a portrait; the color and design of the photo’s background represents the subject’s mood, which is determined via a scan of their facial expression.

Smart selfie technology at Google for Education EDUCAUSE 2017 experience.

Cardboard Expeditions
Google VR Cardboard, a brand icon, is always an attendee favorite and an accessible, highly effective learning tool. 

To extend the education experience, Google showcases its amazing Tilt Brush technology in the Grand Hall. The artist, Estella, creates beautiful, virtual 3D paintings with this powerful visual tool.

The Google for Education EDUCAUSE 2017 experience places Google’s commitment to higher education front and center. It builds positive brand affinity, provides a platform for thought leadership, helps frame relationships, and excites evangelists.

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