Sparks Welcomes Ethan Gunning as SVP of Storymaking

April 18, 2018

Ethan Gunning joins Sparks as the new Senior Vice President of Storymaking. Ethan brings client's stories to life as emotive and original experiences. A storymaker doesn’t just hit play on a large screen for a passive audience—it’s not the act of telling—it’s the act of making. A storymaker finds the most direct and visceral way for the audience to get out of their seats and experience a memorable and shareable brand truth.

As SVP of Storymaking, Ethan leads a team that combines strategy, architecture, design, digital, and media to find unique ways to resonate with audiences. He collaborates with clients to shape their messages into customer journeys through space, design, content, and hyper-social gatherings. Ethan translates this approach into a series of jumping-off points for designers, filmmakers, writers, artists, and performers to create a broad range of connected deliverables. The final outcome is one-of-a-kind narrative experiences that can't be achieved through traditional forms of passive storytelling.

Ethan’s career spans eighteen years from music and film streaming startups to being an Executive Creative Director for a global brand experience agency. He finds ways to surprise and delight a broad range of audiences. He has orchestrates Time Square takeovers, creates user-generated broadcast spots at MLB All-Star Week, and launches new brands from the ground up. He makes stories into experiences for some of the world's best brands like Google, Samsung, Heineken, Adobe, HP and many more.

Ethan Gunning spends most of his time being mentored by one of the greatest storymaker, his 8-year-old daughter, Marina.

We are very excited to see what stories Ethan will tell at Sparks!

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