Employee Wellness, Subsidized Lunches and Stand-up Desks

April 30, 2015


Planning exciting brand experiences, producing memorable events and building engaging exhibits takes a lot out of you! Employee wellness is an important factor in the success of a company. Research shows that proper diets and exercise not only lead to healthier lives but also more productive days at the office.

Greatist contends it’s common sense that happy people make for more productive and innovative employees. According to a 2014 Monster.com survey of 6,700 people, 42% of workers leave a job due to a stressful environment and another 35% consider changing jobs due to stress. It's time companies start giving back to their employees.

As one of the 44 healthiest companies to work for, Sparks takes employee wellness very seriously. It isn’t just about creating experiences for clients; it's about the home office too. In addition to the nuts and bolts, like 100 percent preventative care coverage, subsidized lunches, optional stand-up desks, flexible hours, and work-from-home privileges for parents, we offer employees a farm-to-table lunch every few months and hosts on-site yoga classes once per week. And because we specialize in events, employees get to experience them too. Summer BBQs, chili cook-offs and holiday parties are just a sampling of the festivities that keep this place lively. Plus, through the Bring Your Dog to Work program, employee pets may have the opportunity to spend a day at the office. Because dogs make everything better. The health, happiness and productivity equation is always top of mind for Sparks.

More and more companies are giving employee wellness programs the same regard as compensation and benefits. We’re honored to be recognized as one of those companies by this month’s Amtrak Arrive Magazine.

Our goal is to maintain an environment where people innovate, create and effect positive change while respecting and encouraging each other along the way. We think our culture provides the best working relationships for employees and clients.

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