EM Goes Inside Google Cloud Next

May 25, 2017


The Google Cloud Next 2017 user conference is still creating buzz among those within the tech and event marketing industries. To get the inside scoop and hear for themselves why this event was so successful, Event Marketer interviewed “Googlers” Karen Fiester, head of b-to-b events, and Creative Director, Philip McDougall. Below is an excerpt from the Q&A session:

Event Marketer: What was the fundamental goal of Google Cloud Next 2017?

Philip McDougall: Education was an enormous part of it… The event had three pillars involved—imagine, learn and build. We say “Meet those where they are and then take them further than they thought possible.” Some [attendees] are ready to move fully into the cloud, whereas others are taking their first gentle steps. But we put the aspiration there of where their business and where this industry can move.

Karen Fiester: Machine learning is at the core of what Google does and that term can seem really scary. That’s a reason this conference was so important—to see that it’s not, and that there are a lot of wonderful things that come out of it for businesses.

EM: What kind of extra curricular activities could attendees engage in?

PM: We used a lot of experiential elements to bring to life the product stories and the product technology in many different ways… But instead of having large rock concerts, it was more about having after-hours sessions where everybody has a drink in their hand and continued to mingle and connect. It was a real opportunity to bond, connect and learn from one another, and that was the central focus of everything. More so than fringe entertainment for the sake of fringe entertainment, which serves no real purpose to the community we built at Next.

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