Google I/O Wins Ex Award for Best B2B Event

May 13, 2015

Sparks is proud to announce the Google I/O Developers Conference wins the 2015 Ex Award for Best B2B Event presented at the Experiential Marketing Summit Ex Awards Gala. 

In 2014, the event is redesigned with the “Material Design” theme, a new global developer design aesthetic from Google that’s being incorporated into all apps. Along with the refreshing and hip design, lots of local materials are sourced as two local artists are commissioned to give the event design a real Bay Area vibe.

Outside, a massive 20 ft. tall Google Map Pin marks the spot of the entrance for event goers. Inside, attendees are greeted with custom furniture, exposed plywood and interactive displays that complete a clean check-in area.

While 3D design is paramount in the event’s success, visitor flow and knowledge sharing are equally as important. Unlike the I/O developers conference from previous years, this conference is more focused—taking a “bigger, fewer” approach to the experience. 12 partner pods are placed out instead of the usual 100 or so. Likewise, breakout sessions were reduced to 75 from 180 the year before.

With plenty of areas for developers, designers and partners to brainstorm and share ideas, the essence of Google’s open source mantra is fully realized in both the Sandbox and the CodeLab. Taking the mantra one step further, 80 hours of live content are streamed via I/O Live to 1.9 million remote viewers. The conference boasts 7,900 attendees including 1,000 women plus more than 50,000 attendees taking part via I/O Extended remote events happening in 91 countries around the globe. Google is able to bring together more hardware and software professionals than ever before.

Congrats to the Google Team as well as to all other 2015 Ex Award winners.

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