How to Turn Customers Into Advocates with Event Marketing

NewsCred is a leader in content marketing strategy and technology. And for three years, NewsCred's annual proprietary event, the ThinkContent Summit, has helped brands unearth their content marketing potential. A special add-on to the summit was created last year specifically catered to NewsCred customers. This year, the brand's event marketing team partnered with Sparks to show appreciation to and turn its customers into advocates.

How Did NewsCred Pull Off a Successful Customer Summit?

Jasmine Cortez
, NewsCred's event manager, goes over 5 tips to throw a successful customer appreciation event.

Don't Go It Alone

Aside from working hand-in-hand with several internal teams such as the content and brand teams, NewCred partnered with us to provide production expertise and support while they focused on what they do best: wowing their customers with content marketing insights.

Show Them You Care

Personalization and little details matter. Focus on the individual attributes of a client throughout the entire event from check-in to decor. NewsCred used the power of personalized handwritten welcome notes and client logos as decoration.

VIP Access + Special Perks

Customers pay money and spend a lot of time on your product or service. They're helping you build and maintain your brand so giving them access to exclusive perks doesn't hurt. It shows them that they're not just anybody, they're your VIPs.

Be Authentic

Customers are people. People are social creatures. By socializing, asking the right questions, and finding common ground, you're building authentic relationships.

Get Their Feedback

Part of being authentic is to keep the relationship going after the event. The best way to keep the relationship going is by providing opportunities for feedback. By getting customers' feedback, you have an excuse to reach out to them, prove the event's success, and find information that can help improve future events.

Customers can be your brand's best salespeople through positive word-of-mouth referrals but before they choose to help you, you need to show them some appreciation for being such a vital part of your business.

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