Top Ideas from CES

It’s the world’s largest trade show. It spans 2.47 million net square feet of exhibit space. It draws over 175,000 annual attendees in a matter of four days. And it’s brimming with experiential marketing ideas that blow the roof off of every other tech conference with engagement techniques. We’re talking, of course, about the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES.

Whether it’s a sleek booth design or out-of-the-box engagement techniques, event marketers of every variety stand to gain something from this colossal event, held annually in Las Vegas. Following are some steal-worthy ideas from CES 2017.

Event Marketer's Scenes From CES 2017 Video

Immersive Tunnel Experiences

OLED tunnel was one of the top-rated experiences at this year’s show, winning a number of innovation awards from the Consumer Technology Association. The experience featured 216 of the brand’s new 55-inch 4K TV screens working in synch to deliver stunning visual effects, accompanied by Dolby Atmos sound, a technology that gives movie sound a more realistic, 3D effect. The mesmerizing experience resembled AOL’s 2015 Immersion Tunnel, proving the trend is not only going strong, but also evolving.

Virtual Reality for Groups

Static, single-user VR engagements are so two years ago. These days, special effects and group experiences are where it’s at, and Samsung is leading the way. The brand’s VR theater at CES, which looked more like a technological playground, featured a series of 4D simulators that added physical effects to its VR experiences. Small groups of attendees could embark together on a rickety roller coaster ride, scenic boat tour or a high-altitude airshow from a pilot’s perspective. One look at participants, laughing, screaming and gyrating in unison is all the evidence you’ll need to know this is the future of VR.

3D Printing Engagements

From Canon’s hyper-personalized Solidiphy experience to Polaroid’s 3D pen printing station, brands at CES made it clear that 3D printing has gone from a burgeoning technology to an interactive, must-have engagement tool for event professionals. Just remember, we’re talking figurines here, not concept cars. Keep it simple.

Wearables and Data

Wearable technology, from wristbands to headsets to glasses, was rampant at this year’s CES. The devices not only provide an opportunity to personalize attendees’ experiences, but provide scores of the much-needed data marketers rely on to cater to their audiences and improve their events. Feel, a wearables startup and first-time exhibitor at CES 2017, has designed a thin wristband to measure and track the wearer’s emotions—a tool that, with a bit more exposure, could see ample play in the experiential space.

As the year continues to unfold, we’re likely to see plenty of brands leveraging the design elements, engagement techniques and tech products unveiled at CES 2017 in their live experiences. So be sure to keep tabs on all the trends and takeaways this year’s show delivered, and turn them into your own source of inspiration.

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