The Trend

March 22, 2021

The Trend Issue: 03

In the third edition of The Trend, we share how attendee needs are transforming the future of events. Download the latest issue now for must-read insights on the current state of the healthcare industry and what HCPs are looking for when it comes to healthcare events today — both virtually and in-person. Plus, get a closer look at the top reasons event venues are undergoing a shift, how global consumer mindsets are impacting the experiential industry, and why pop-ups are on the rise again.

Our goal is to provide event and trade show professionals with the information and resources they need to match an ever-changing event landscape and ensure they stay-up-to-date on the latest innovations driving events forward.


The Trend Issue: 02

In the second issue of The Trend, we provide event professionals with the methods they need to effectively reach today’s audiences. Download your copy for the latest updates on hybrid event models (and tips on implementation), how and why content is shaping today's experiences, and what you need to know as we continue on the road forward to live experiences.

We also share top trends impacting attendee engagement, notable event highlights, tech insights, and more, to help you walk away with a strategic game plan on how to genuinely connect with your audience now.


The Trend Issue: 01

In the inaugural issue of The Trend, we cover all of the ways the experiential industry is innovating on the road forward to live experiences. Download your copy now to catch up on major updates across several industries, read the latest stats impacting events and trade shows, review recent and upcoming events, and most importantly, get a clear picture of where our industry is heading to help you plan accordingly.

In tracking and sharing our perspectives on the future of experiential marketing, our goal is to provide event professionals with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to journey onward and sharpen their 2021 event strategies. Because if one thing is clear, we’ve moved far beyond navigating the path — we are paving the way forward to the future of experiential marketing.


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