Tech EM: Virtual Jewelry

February 03, 2015 | B2B B2C Digital Event Technology

Polish digital design group panGenerator has created a prototype for a new type of virtual jewelry. Called Neclumi, the design uses a pico projector directed at the part of the body on which the user wishes to wear the “jewelry”. Using a mobile device, the user chooses from four modes that react to the users movements and voice.

Fast Company describes the four modes. “Airo” is an outward cascade of light lines, reacting to walking speed as detected by a pedometer. “Roto” appears as a ribbon-like shape looping through a pendant, corresponding to the rotation of the wearer’s body, linked to a compass. “Movi” is a bouncing fluid line which reacts to body movement using an accelerometer. The most cinematic setting is “Soni,” a tiny, microphone-activated sun that radiates lines of pixels. It reacts to ambient sound but is most dramatic when it bursts in rays as the wearer raises their voice.

panGenerator is an interdisciplinary new media design and art group based in Warsaw, Poland. They create works of art and design that explore the new means of expression and interaction. They blend bits, beats and atoms, providing truly innovative products and engaging experiences for types of audiences including art galleries, museums and festivals. Projects range from large scale interactive installations to novel musical interfaces and tiny virtual jewelry and wearable-tech objects.

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