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January 02, 2015 | Event Technology

If you want customers to remember your brand, you have to create an experience that makes them stop and make connections with the brand story. Combining art, technology and music with audience interaction is a great foundation for a successful one-of-a-kind experience. Fractoid 2.1 is just that.

Fractoid is a kinetic, projection-mapped, sound sculpture that works as a futuristic beat machine. The audience interacts with it through a light-emitting midi controller. Thirty-six glowing keys and ten knobs control the sculpture’s actions and sounds—live mixing of audio and visuals, a video-camera transmitting real-time feedback, a joystick that controls a focal 3D light, and a set of two directional speakers. When certain combinations of keystrokes are entered on the midi controller, the kinetic sculpture rotates and transforms into different shapes.

Fractoid, produced by Gabriel Pulecio of Lustix and Michael Russek of 1028 Designs, combines exacting projection mapping, powerful computer processing and a colorful, user-friendly interface. It’s a sculpture that users can manipulate to display computer-generated imagery that reacts to beats that they create. Participants control the animations that are displayed on the sculpture by pressing buttons on the midi controller. Specific combinations result in animations to be projected on the sculpture while it rotates. It’s the first sculpture to be projection mapped while moving and still hold its geometry. Fractoid was presented at Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2013. It was a show-stopping digital experience that drew in both participants and viewers.

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