Technology EM: Alike.IO

Anyone that's ever been to a conference or networking event knows how awkward or difficult it can be to strike up a conversation and mingle. A Boston-based company is hoping to change that through the use of wearable technology. Alike is focused on bringing people together in the physical world through the use of social information available in the digital world.

How it works

The magic starts online before an attendee ever steps foot into the event. Attendees will be asked to fill out surveys and questionnaires that focus on their interests, needs and wants. The answers to these questions are transformed into a unique social profile that's then embedded into the Alike device: a simple watch-like band with two LED lights. The bands are then activated and given to respective attendees during event check-in.

The bands feature radio and Bluetooth Low Energy technology that allow them to communicate with each other. When two bands are within a close proximity, the LED lights will glow either of two colors: red or green. A red light shows incompatibility between two bands' social profiles while the green gives attendees' the go ahead to mingle further as there's a strong possibility for great networking. With the crowdcaster feature, event managers can change the light color for specific individuals or groups simultaneously, creating a memorable shared experience. Finally, with Alike's analytics capabilities, marketers are able to collect data before, during and after the event to see attendee trends and traffic patterns.

Where it's useful

Alike's technology would be very useful at any event where networking and meeting new people is a primary focus. The hardware, while powerful, is simple in design and is easily adaptable to different situations and platforms. For instance you can place Alike on all-you-can-drink mugs for use at happy hours or on running shoes for a charity 5K. The use for this technology is limitless and it adds something that seems to be missing from tech-laden lives: personal connection in the physical world.

Posted by Kristy Elisano | Request as a Speaker

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