Tech EM: 3D Ski Boot Fitting System

Tech EM is one of the largest event technology shows in the world. Hundreds of marketers gather here each year to see the latest trends in event technology activation. Participants can test drive hundreds of retail and event technologies and learn best practices. Additionally, visitors get insights and ideas from event tech classes and live case studies like this event technology activation from Sporthaus Schuster in Munich, Germany.

Using Retail Technology To Retain Customers

Skiers know that ski boots are typically uncomfortable due to the fact they are difficult to fit exactly to the owner’s feet. This interactive system from corpus.e uses specially designed socks to generate a 3-D image of customer’s feet.

The socks have photogrammetric markings, that are scanned when the customer steps onto the scanner platform. A store associate simply clicks the mouse to start the measuring process. A camera records the sock's photogrammetric markings and transfers them to a store PC in approximately 25 seconds. Then, the image-processing software delivers a precise, three-dimensional representation of the foot.

The system can generate custom insoles that precisely conform to the foot, forming the basis for a perfect fitting ski boot. A customer's data is stored and can be retrieved in-store or online based on how they prefer to shop. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it. Or in this case, if the shoe fits perfectly, you have probably just made a customer for life.

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