Sparks Event Marketing Strategy Resource Center

At Sparks, we believe that strategy is the foundation of effective event marketing. Strategy happens at the intersection of science and art. It's about merging research and data with experience and a strategic point of view that informs marketing decisions. It's about leveraging key insights and real data to deliver more impactful experiences. Most of all, it's about creating greater value for the brand, the business and the audience through a well-defined approach to event strategy.

At, Sparks, we're excited to announce our new resource center for event marketers, designed specifically for event strategy. It's all things strategy in one place. You can download resources and read on your own time or speak to a Sparks strategist about what is you want to accomplish at your next event.

Sparks Event Marketing Strategy Resource Center Provides:

  • Tips and tricks for approaching your experiential programs more strategically

  • Sparks' proprietary 4-step process for refining event marketing strategy

  • Sparks SVP of Strategy delivers 9 insights that drive event marketing success

  • Our Strategy Coach Tool and access to event strategy experts

Sparks Event Marketing Strategy Resource Center will help guide your event strategy, question or reinforce the decisions you're making. Want to have a bigger impact on target audiences, drive more value from your events and make smarter event decisions based on data? Visit the Sparks Event Marketing Strategy Resource Center now.

Posted by Kristy Elisano | Request as a Speaker

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