Tech EM: Power Sleep

December 18, 2014 | Digital Event Technology

Distributed computing is not a new idea. However, applying the concept to the general public’s idle mobile devices turns this technology mainstay into an effective tool for solving major societal problems. The Power Sleep app, developed by Samsung in partnership with the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Vienna, uses the collective power of thousands of mobile devices to help cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. All while users are asleep and their phones are inactive.

Smart phones running the Power Sleep app send out small packets of data, no more than one megabyte in size. The servers return them after the smartphones have performed their calculations. The data goes directly into a research database that collects the results from all over the world and makes them available to the scientific community. Dr. Thomas Rattei, Head of the Division of Computational Systems Biology at the University of Vienna, says, “Power Sleep bridges the gap between science and society.”

Donating your smart phone’s unused computing power to scientific research could change the future of medicine. The public can contribute to a great cause without lifting a finger. The best part is that users can swipe through the app to learn about the projects and see how many hours of research they’ve donated—a great way to sleep easier at night.

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