The Next Big Thing: Projection Mapping

December 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is the precise application of light onto unexpected surfaces using video projectors. It’s often the projection of 3D animation to a 3D surface such as a building facade or sculpture.

Projection mapping is created when a three-dimensional model of the space or object that will serve as the “screen” is created in CAD and imported into light mapping software. The mapping software calculates the angles and distance of the projector throw then adjusts the projected image accordingly.

Designers work painstakingly on manipulating, warping, and changing focus on the projected image so that when it hits its intended target, the image looks seamless, and fits perfectly.

How can you use it at your next event?

The medium has seen widespread usage by event marketers, either via large-scale building projection (primarily B2C) and indoor general session staging projection (primarily B2B). Some of the more interesting event applications include projecting on objects such as vehicles to show a technology within, projection on moving objects or people, and most recently moving surfaces.

3 Things to remember:

  1. Plan ahead – outdoor installations require permits and requests from the city. The top creative and a/v teams are booked well ahead of time, so bring them in early.

  2. Consider your sountrack – The best projection mapped experiences have great audio tracks that integrate perfectly with the visual concept and experience.

  3. Document it and go viral – in an ideal world, you’ll already have a large physical audience for your projection but don’t forget about bringing this experience online. If it’s unique enough, it’s bound to go viral.

Telling stories in motion brings them to life. Software and motion designers are becoming more adept at the techniques involved and the medium is ripe for creative expression.

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