New App with Discreet Notifications Targets Luxury Shoppers

November 27, 2015 | B2C Digital Mobile Marketing

Ah the sweet smell of luxury retail. This ambience, so carefully cultivated, can be a fragile thing. How best to lure in foot traffic to high-end fashion boutiques? Offering discounts would be far too heavy-handed and crass a measure. Once again technology, in this case iBeacons, rides to the rescue, not holding a bullwhip, instead carrying an elegant riding crop bought, no doubt, from Hermès.


Through subtle encouragement from what else—our phones—new apps are using Bluetooth iBeacons to push notifications from luxury retailers. Finland- and London-based Knomi has just launched their fashion retail discovery app tailored to high-end purchasers. The app allows consumers to make purchases online and drives traffic into brick and mortar stores. London is the company’s beta test market where 70+ high-end fashion retailers have agreed to make their inventory available to Knomi users. The company plans to expand to other luxury fashion hotspots including New York, Paris and Milan.


Everything about this new technology screams luxury. It’s customized to the shopper, discreet and social. Retailers using Bluetooth iBeacons in-store send push notifications to consumers as they browse nearby. The notifications are based on collected items stored in the Knomi app by the user, therefore highly relevant and handpicked if you will for the luxury shopper.


Knomi also recognizes items from fashion bloggers and style mavens that users like or add to their own collection – hence the social aspect of Knomi. And finally, Knomi is whisper quiet like a hushed crowd at the opera. The company made the decision to send shoppers silent notifications in lieu of emitting a loud buzzing noise that can be a turn-off for any consumer.


Knomi co-founder Markus Ehrnrooth puts it this way, “What we normally do is we… do silent notifications. That’s what we found out through many, many customer interviews on this point… If you walk around town and your phone starts buzzing that app is the one that goes out of the window very quickly. But if you’re out shopping it’s almost an active sort of process where you take out your phone anyway, you’re going to be on your phone all the time — and then when you see the notification from Knomi, if it’s of interest you’ll click that and go into the app.”


Knomi’s retail partners include Browns of London, Mr. Porter and Net-a-Porter. The company’s revenue streams are derived both from online shopping and from message opens that result in brick-and-mortar foot traffic. For high-end retailers, Knomi is bringing shoppers into stores and on a mission for a coveted fashion find.



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