Micro-Moments as Part of Your Event Strategy


With powerful smartphones in our pockets at all times, our behavior and expectations have changed forever. Countless times throughout the day, we turn to our devices to gather information and make decisions. According to Google, “In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.” These moments – called micro-moments by Google – are critical opportunities for brands to influence decisions and shape preferences.

Micro-Moments Defined

The Wall Street Journal offers this great example of the billions and billions of small moments that happen every day: If you’re mixing up a batch of guacamole, do you:

  • Pull out a cookbook to find a recipe?
  • Call your mom?
  • Type in a quick search on your phone and watch a how-to video?

If you turn to your phone, you’re one of the 91 percent who do so. The Wall Street Journal says this exemplifies a fundamental change in how people consume media. “The old days of predictable, periodic media sessions have been replaced by numerous short bursts of digital activity throughout the day. The old model was a four-course meal in the same restaurant. Today’s is a series of constant bite-sized snacks all over town.” Whenever we want to learn, find, do or buy something, we expect brands to deliver immediately.

Here are four ideas to make these game-changing micro-moments part of your face-to-face strategy:

1. Anticipate for the “I-Want-To-Know” Moments

Research has found 90 percent of smartphone users utilized their phone to make progress toward a long term goal or multi-step process while “out and about.”

When it comes to incorporating positive micro-moments into your events, find ways to be relevant and useful when attendees reach for their mobile phones. Make sure products featured at your trade show can be discovered through a quick search. Test your event website to make sure all landing pages have mobile responsive design. Create mobile-friendly agendas, speaker bios and sign-up forms. Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, says, “All it takes is adding value to each micro-moment,” to make your brand and event relevant.

2. Prepare for the “I-Want-To-Go” Moments

“Near me” Google search interest – people looking for restaurants, bars, stores, etc. close to their vicinity – has increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled since last year.

For retail or pop-up experience creators, maximizing your return on this kind of micro-moment is critical. As Google indicates, “Winning in these moments means thinking through situations in which people will look for your store or product and ensuring you are there.” Offering directions, the ability to check pricing or inventory, or the availability of specials are just a few ways to move online searches to the physical environment. As Solis notes, “Immediacy and relevance trump loyalty nowadays.”

3. Facilitate “I-Want-To-Do” Moments

In 2015, 100M+ hours of “how-to” content was watched on YouTube. Just like in our guacamole example, when we want to learn to do something new, we turn to our phone for a quick search.

Brands can benefit from preparing for these “I-want-to-do moments” as well. Use your event to capture “how-to” videos that answer your top FAQs. Record event staff doing product or software demonstrations. After the event, post edited videos on YouTube for customers to reference. At future events, load the library of videos on tablets and have staff serve them up on-demand when talking to new contacts.

4. Encourage “I-Want-To-Buy” Moments

Smartphones are a companion to – and increasingly replacing – our wallets. No matter if a purchase is small or large, 82 percent of smartphone users turn to their devices to research product decisions.

A majority of attendees attend events to shop and learn. Even if you don’t write sales on-site, find ways to encourage micro-moment pre-purchase research. Help trade show attendees evaluate options on the exhibit floor by creating a mobile-accessible app that compares your solutions’ feature and price against other exhibitors’ similar products. Allow event attendees to use a special app and scan “hot spots” to hear testimonials or see product reviews.

As Solis said, embracing micro-moments, “Will help businesses win the hearts and minds of connected customers in every moment of truth across every device. Missing or ignoring these new moments means that brands will miss vital chances to connect.”

Posted by Mark Dante | Request as a Speaker