Live Video Streaming Is All the Fashion

It was an old school, Zoolander-style live streaming “walk-off” at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), as designers chose between competitors Meerkat and Periscope for live video streaming their spring 2016 collections. Ralph Lauren partnered with Periscope while Saks Fifth Avenue streamed designers Philip Lim and Givenchy among others on Meerkat. Here’s the scoop.

Brands Live Streaming Events Create Meaningful Experiences

Unless you’re Anna Wintour or Kanye and Kim, chances are pretty slim you’ll have an opportunity to see the NYFW collections in person. The designers know this and their objective with live video streaming was to engage their followers and make them feel a part of these amazing events. Saks and Ralph Lauren both spoke of the importance of “experience” and how the life of an event can extend well beyond the venue.

Ralph Lauren and Saks followed similar paths in terms of promoting their runway events through live video. The two brands established show hashtags (#SaksAtTheShows and #RLRunway) that could be promoted on their social channels in advance of their events. Additionally they encouraged engagement while live video streaming – through shares, comments, questions, hearts and emojis depending on the app’s features.

Why Periscope vs. Meerkat?

Both Meerkat and Periscope
are now available for iOS and Android users and both apps can be used to share live videos and engage with video viewers. Also, video links on both apps can be shared and posted on top social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Event Marketer
recently took the time to break down some of the differences between these two live video streaming apps. One disadvantage of Meerkat is its ephemerality – that is the video content disappears post-event similar to a Snapchat image. Periscope allows users to replay streams on a desktop for up to 24 hours. Intrepid entrepreneurs have created content hubs for both Meerkat and Periscope that will aggregate live streams from both apps to play later. However, to ensure your branded content lives on, it’s best to save your own video content.

As it relates to NYFW, designer Ralph Lauren chose to partner with Periscope because the app has nearly 10 million users. On the other hand, Saks selected Meerkat for live streaming “because it allows for multiple points of view to be shot and aggregated at the same time” according to Luxury Daily. The media is putting Periscope in the lead versus Meerkat, although both have their loyal followers. App data site App Annie currently ranks Periscope #10 in social networking apps while the feisty Meerkat has fallen to #338.

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