#EventProfs Share Insights on Their Success


To say experiential marketers get a little stressed planning and producing their event programs is an understatement. Many marketers feel overwhelmed throughout the process, from getting internal buy-in and preparing their plan to managing all the details and measuring effectiveness. I’m here to say you’re not alone. Every day, I speak with marketers looking for advice on how they can achieve success with their events. To help us all create effective experiential marketing strategies, I asked five seasoned #eventprofs to share their top tips:

#EventProfs Know the Value of Face-to-Face Interaction

“I wish I had known 20 years ago how truly important face-to-face marketing via events would become. The relationship aspect is so important in the buying cycle these days: both the buyer’s relationship with the salesperson, and the buyer’s relationship with the company. Those things are really hard to build without face-to-face interaction. There’s no question that events build relationships and loyalty, and therefore drive revenue.”

- Shawna Suckow, speaker and blogger

#EventProfs Know Their Objectives

“I wished I’d known the importance of event objectives. Newcomers focus too much at times on execution (as I did). They measure the performance of the event and of themselves on logistical milestones and accomplishments. These sorts of head-always-down goals cause young planners to lose sight of the big picture question—why are we here? If I were to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would have asked about or insisted upon knowing the reason for the event. The answer to that fundamental question would have and should change everything about the experience you’re trying to create.”

- Michelle Bruno, strategist, blogger and publisher of Event Tech Brief (http://www.eventtechbrief.com/... Involve Supporters and Advocates

“You have amazing die-hard fans that love your brand, your event experience and truly hunger for the type of content you dish out at your event. They are your biggest marketers. Infuse them in your event marketing, and make them your social media influencers in creative ways. It extends the buzz, the event brand runs deeper, and your reach becomes more than 10 fold. Integrate them into your overall marketing plan in all steps of the way, and reward them. It’s a win-win for all.”

- Dahlia El Gazzar, speaker and tech evangelist

#EventProfs Foster Connections Among Attendees

“Personalization has advanced from “nice to have” to essential. It’s the ante for high-thriving events where participants feel understood and served up experiences that matter. Yet for large conferences with attendance in the thousands, creating hyper-relevant experiences can be daunting. It requires a more tiered approach, guided by deeper and more actionable insights on the needs and wants of each attendance segment. Recently, PCMA and Marriott released a report outlining five major trends influencing meetings and events over the next five years. There’s one that’s particularly intriguing for event designers and marketers – Tribalization. We’re moving away from individualism and advancing to an era of like-minded tribes, where members inspire one another. For events, speakers and content are becoming less of an attendance acquisition magnet. The stronger decision-to-attend trigger: Who else is coming?”

- Donna Kastner, strategist and blogger

As you can see, events are a powerful way to boost awareness, connect with customers and generate business, so don't get stressed out. Follow these marketers’ tips and find similar success.