Event Social Media Tools: Snapchat and Facebook Live


Maybe you’ve tried a Snapchat face swap. Or heard about Facebook Live after “Chewbacca Mom” used it to post a video of herself wearing a Chewbacca mask – and shattered records with 141 million views and counting! Used correctly, these two event social media tools can boost engagement and help your next event stand out. Here’s how:

Start Snappin’

Snapchat is no longer an app with funny filters just for teenagers. As Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and social media enthusiast behind the popular Wine Library TV, says, “It baffles me that people don’t understand that when an app hits 100 million active users, it’s gone mainstream.”


As these statistics show, it’s a great time to start snappin’ at your events. Most organizations are just getting started on the platform and aren’t using it to promote their events so you’ll reap the benefits of being an early adopter. Plus, incorporating Snapchat into your event social media strategy shows attendees you’re willing to participate where they are and aren’t afraid to experiment.


Here are a few Snapchat approaches to try at your events:

  • Create a Story. Stories are simple compilations of individual Snaps that create a narrative. Think a series of videos and images showing preparation for your event or inside views of activities attendees won’t want to miss. And don’t forget to include video ads to promote your event too!

  • Ask attendees to document your event. Include speakers, attendees’ reactions and discussions, event highlights and more. Anyone within a certain geographic area, like a defined circumference around your event, can be invited to contribute to your Live Story.

  • Create an event geofilter. Attendees use these special location-based, digital sticker-like text graphics to communicate the when and where of their Snaps. A special event geofilter provides attendees with a fun way to show their event participation with their followers and peers.

  • Sponsor a lens if you want to make a big splash like Gatorade did during the Super Bowl. When done right, these creative selfie filters generate significant buzz.


Looking for more inspiration? Check out EventBrite and Social Media Examiner for additional examples of brands using Snapchat to increase engagement in fun and creative ways.

Go Live with Facebook


Facebook may be considered the grand-daddy of social media, but its global reach remains undeniable. As Niklas Myhr, Ph.D. and social media, digital and global marketing professor at Chapman University says, “You cannot ignore the power of Facebook. It’s a place people go to if they want to find people.”

One of the latest additions is Facebook Live – a service that broadcasts real-time videos straight to your Facebook News Feed. (Facebook Live is being viewed as a chief challenger to Periscope.)

With its ease-of-use and availability expanding, Facebook Live makes it easier than ever to share real-time video content for event social media.

  • Live video-stream important announcements, keynotes or educational sessions.

  • Stream product demonstrations or tech talks.

  • Share short interviews with company executives or industry experts on hot topics and issues.

  • Host a FAQ session, with viewers submitting questions for speakers or your host to answer.


During the broadcast, the Facebook page owner sees exactly who and how many people are watching. Plus, once the broadcast event is over, the video is published to your page for additional viewing at any time. If you decide to regularly broadcast from your events, viewers can subscribe and receive notifications the next time a live event launches.

To make your Facebook Live pilot a success, Facebook offers seven great tips.

Start experimenting and see what works with your audience. Both Snapchat and Facebook Live offer ample opportunities to drive buzz, reach new people and give attendees access to content that extends the life of your event.


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