Event Marketing to Moms


From celebrities to YouTube stars, the majority of experiential campaigns involve an influencer of some variety these days. But there’s another incredibly influential audience that event marketers would do well to remember: moms. Event marketing towards moms is becoming the new focus. For one thing, women make up 85% of all consumer purchases. But more than that, this critical demo is busy balancing work and home life—leaving plenty of room for brands to make meaningful connections by eliminating the pain points of this juggling act.

When it comes to event marketing towards moms, most brands’ track records are less than desirable. According to a global study conducted by Saatchi & Saatchi, 51 percent of respondents believe brands have an outdated view of moms, and don’t understand who they are at their core. So, the first key to targeting mothers? Authenticity. According to the study, most women feel that brands unnecessarily glorify motherhood as a sacred duty, labeling moms as perpetually happy caretakers who know how to do it all. Their suggestion: get real with your messaging. Moms aren’t perfect, and sometimes they need to be reminded that that’s OK.

Speaking of understanding the target, it’s crucial to remember that Gen Y now comprises a hefty portion of the parent pool. Millennial moms represent the new, connected parent, armed with more research about the brands they’re interested in than any other generation. Their BS meter is finely tuned, making transparency paramount to the success of any mom-centric program. The shift to digital also means moms are spending plenty of time online, providing ample opportunities for companies to stay in touch following an event. Savvy brands will aim to build connections through the face-to-face experience, then enhance the relationship by extending that conversation post-event through social media dialogue.

Moms lead hectic lives, so engaging them through events can be a challenge. One recipe for success is to leverage live experiences that make their everyday lives a little easier. That’s exactly how Chick-fil-A won the hearts of mothers all over the country with its Mom’s Valet experience. Recognizing the hassle of wrangling young kids inside a fast food restaurant, the brand created a special drive-thru service that allows moms to order their meal, then step inside to their prepared table. With the family’s order already placed, service is a breeze and kids spend less time running amok. The concept was a first for any major restaurant brand.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but another effective way to reach moms is by pulling their heartstrings. Creating experiences that capture the joy of motherhood or the agony of watching kids grow up “too fast” is sure to snag the attention of most moms—and the emotional connections those experiences foster often transform into brand loyalty. Find something that all moms can emotionally relate to and you’re already ahead of the competition by showing your brand cares.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of resources to help improve how brands event marketing towards moms, from companies dedicated to decoding how to reach millennial parents, to the official Marketing to Moms Conference. Leverage those outside insights, get creative and before you know it, everyone—and their mother—will want a taste of your programs.

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