A Closer Look at the Currents Impacting the Future of the Healthcare Event Industry

August 06, 2021 | Events


What are the emerging trends driving the latest wave of innovation in experiential marketing? In the latest issue of Sparks’ events industry report, The Trend, we’re exploring how shifting consumer mindsets are shaping the event and trade show industry and what experiential professionals should keep in mind when planning their future programs.

What Today’s Audiences Are Seeking as the Industry Evolves

Within the new edition of The Trend, we share a range of data-backed insights, updates, and perspectives on the most prominent trends and movements impacting the experiential industry right now.

This includes a closer look at the healthcare industry, what event professionals need to consider while preparing for the next era of healthcare event marketing, and most importantly, how HCPs want to connect today. We also provide a breakdown of the ways global consumer mindsets are fueling a change in event venues, detailing how and why those spaces may be used differently. Lastly, we explore the rise of pop-ups and what’s driving their reemergence.

Find Even More Experiential Marketing Updates

To learn even more about the currents driving the event and trade show industry forward, visit Trend Central, our experiential marketing hub which includes the PULSE Survey Report, featuring research conducted by our research partner, Northstar Meetings Group, along with continuous news and updates on reopenings, upcoming shows, information on our TrendChats discussions, and more.

Download the New Edition of ‘The Trend’

To learn more about the innovations and emerging currents shaping the future of events, download the latest issue of Sparks’ events industry report, The Trend.

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