Tech EM: DIWire: Desktop Wire Bending

December 23, 2014 | B2C Digital

3D printing is revolutionizing fabrication, but, there are things it’s just not suited to do. One is creating wire frame constructions or armatures for furniture or product designs. A new device from Pensa Labs, coined the DIWire, closes the gap. Using this desktop-size marvel, designers of all ages can easily create bent wire frame creations in no time. The device is portable and precision bends metal and plastic wire. DIWire is perfect for makers and designers who need parts that are install-ready without blowing the manufacturing budget—great for small batch production or prototyping.

DIWire connects to a computer and software translates vector drawings into precise directions for a bending head to follow. Wire is loaded into one end where a series of feeding rollers ensure it's straight before sending it to a bending head. The process doesn’t require 3D modeling skills which gives creative freedom to experienced designers and beginners alike.

A clever clock produced with a DIWire CNC wire bender.

DIWire Plus
An improved version of the original machine. With all new software, Wireware 2.0, Plus bends more shapes with improved accuracy. It can bend a range of materials: stainless steel, high carbon steel, low carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum and more.

DIWire Pro
The newest CNC wire bender offers the kind of power, speed and precision professionals need. Fully configurable and affordable, the Pro solves prototyping or small batch production needs. The bend mechanism delivers smooth, tight radius curves from fine orthodontic retainer wire to stainless steel parts.

Pensa Labs is the brainchild of Pensa, a Brooklyn-based design firm with a track record of developing successful products, brands and strategies. Pensa firmly believes that the world can be continuously improved through understanding people and providing them with great design and a bit of clever invention.

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