The Common Thread: YouTube Kaleidoscope

January 22, 2015 | Event Technology

Google is known for its culmination of great minds and innovative ideas. Google’s events are no different. Every year the company holds its annual Zeitgeist Conference—an intimate gathering of top global thinkers and leaders that dive into ideas affecting the world’s social, economic, political and cultural surroundings.

The 2014 theme, The Common Thread, showcased not only the connectivity of people through the issues they are facing, but also the connectivity of people through Google products. Of course, YouTube would be part of this. With over 1 billion unique visitors a month and 80% of all traffic coming from outside of the US, YouTube is one of the largest globally connected platforms on the web today.

For Zeitgeist, YouTube partnered with Sparks to create its award winning Kaleidoscope; an immersive interactive experience in the Sandbox area of the conference. The goal of this multi-touchscreen curved wall was to orient the C-level audience with the global scale and power of the YouTube brand.

To successfully do this, the installation featured top trending global videos and dynamic data visualizations of key audience and video metrics. The installation also featured an interactive touch screen coffee table where visitors could choose to play top trending videos on the 11 featured wall screens, as well as compare different countries’ viewership metrics such as gender and most popular videos by nation.

Posted by Kristy Elisano | Request as a Speaker

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