Why Brands Need Executive Briefing Centers

February 04, 2015 | B2C Brand Environment


Executive briefing centers (EBCs) have been leveraged for years, but never by so many companies and never at this level: The latest crop are high-tech, engagement-based environments that literally stamp an indelible brand on visitors and immerse guests in the total corporate experience. The EBC is the bull's eye of the brand experience. It creates a highly personal interaction between a host company and decision-makers from key accounts.

As prospects have less time to attend traditional trade shows and customer summits, and as brands press on to create quality time with prospects away from the eyes of competitors, EBCs fill the void. “If you have the most state-of-the-art products in the world, how you represent yourself has to be done with state-of-the-art marketing techniques,” says Rob Pollack, Boeing’s VP of Branding.

They're Intimate.
From IBM and HP to McKesson and 3M, EBCs are being used by companies as 360-degree environments that wrap attendees in a brand or product. EBC visitors are more “guests” than “attendees.” And they come for a reason—less to browse and more to learn and understand. It’s a private stage on which to tell the story.

They're Customized.
An engaging EBC combines interactive design—allowing attendees to explore a brand and its solutions in the ways that impact them directly—and highly specific presentations prepared with each visitor and decision-maker in mind. When prospects visit an EBC, they meet with a variety of people in addition to sales reps—from representation at the executive level to subject matter experts who can discuss the nitty-gritty details of how and why a host company’s product can provide the ultimate business solution. It’s as personal as an experience can get, and it can move the dial in a way that no other element in your marketing portfolio can.

They're Experiences. High-tech experience design techniques are turning EBCs into Broadway-caliber showcases for products and services, using everything from theaters and product demo centers to digital executive speeches and timelines of corporate cultures and histories. Cisco’s Telepresense EBC, for example, provides a literal taste of the product from the moment guests walk in via a “virtual receptionist” that welcomes them.

They Pay Back.
Talk to longtime users of EBCs and they’ll point to booked business, solidified relationships and quality time with prospects that all lead to converting guests into buyers. EBCs are providing ROI across the country and the trend is continuing to heat up as they’re used as parts of face-to-face toolboxes.

Posted by Mark Dante | Request as a Speaker