Biz Bash Video: Ben Nazario at Event Innovation Summit

Ben Nazario, SVP at Sparks, was invited by BizBash to speak at their Event Innovation Forum in New York. His topic of choice was the Psychology of Little Details in Experiential Marketing. Ben compares experiential marketing to a contextual learning event and states that every individual has a different experience whether they experience it 'globally' or 'locally' and every detail matters.

Ben covered four main areas where little details can make a huge difference in a contextual learning event. Below is an overview of the four areas but watch the video to gain a better understanding.


How an event or activation flows within a confined space is one of the most undervalued 'little' details. When an attendee moves through a perfectly laid out event, they won't realize it. On the contrary, when the layout is filled with kinks and obstacles, attendees can feel negatively about the whole experience.


Aside from the meaning and relevancy behind the messaging, how it's portrayed also plays a large part in how an attendee absorbs your brand. Make sure that your imagery, design, font selection and size are consistent throughout your offline and online branding.


It can be pretty easy to wow your audience with just the sheer size of large-scale events but those events can also be daunting and lack intimacy. Sales and networking are a huge part of events, but they can't occur anywhere without intimacy. Providing spaces for attendees to relax and have authentic conversations with an individual(s) is another small detail that should never be overlooked.


The biggest differentiator between event marketing and other forms of marketing is the in-person communication that can occur. And there's bound to be some in-person communication between your audience and your staff at the event. Ensuring that the staff are friendly, educated, and always looking to help is a little detail that pays major dividends when it comes to starting fruitful relationships.

What do you think of Ben's presentation and what other little details make a big difference? Check out conferences and events designed and produced by Sparks. 

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