Benefits of Centrally Managed Global Event Marketing

Companies operating in multiple markets with multiple brands may organize event marketing into domestic and global segmentation, a strategy based upon events in one country under THIS umbrella, while events in another country are managed under THAT umbrella, or even…THOSE umbrellas.

It may seem daunting to organize global event marketing, conventions, and congresses under one super umbrella. With a lot of up-front strategy and planning, it can be done and the benefits realized can be many. Here are a few:

Consistent Brand Image

By providing clear global standards and style guides, brands can ensure that the brand personality and image deployed in Boston is consistent with Brazil and Belgium.

Centralizing is the Key for Saving Money

By streamlining process and procedure, and standardizing creative assets and exhibit design, brands can take advantage of reduced creative time on a project-by-project basis. Doing the creative work upfront and gaining buy-in from stakeholders won’t be an easy task, but the realized savings in time and money can be substantial.

Measurement Becomes More Meaningful

Standardizing metrics on a global scale informs a program’s effectiveness and identifies areas in need of improvement. The data gleaned can be utilized to inform global strategies and improve planning and execution on the regional level.

Events Become More Strategic

Identifying event-marketing goals on a global scale allows marketers and key stakeholders to manage the show selection process, the level of participation, and targeted level of investment. Underperforming events can be evaluated based upon an objective, evidence-based process.

In closing, event marketing is a very specialized marketing channel requiring a unique skill set. By centralizing global event marketing, brands can leverage an event marketing person’s expertise and communicate that knowledge throughout the company rather than hope for the best at the local level.

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