B2B Event Social Media Ideas that Work


B2B event social media is an integral part of an experience strategy. From proprietary information to attendee reluctance to mix personal networks with professional ones, B2B event marketers sometimes miss out on the reach and impact a strong social media strategy creates. Today’s B2B events are enjoying a much wider embrace of social integration.

It’s good news to be sure, but, event marketers should consider the following questions. Does my event design include social sharing from top to bottom? Does my attendee experience include multiple touch points to snap a selfie or share a tweet? What’s my event’s sharing content strategy? What portions of the event spaces are mapped for social sharing?

Head spinning? You’re not alone. It’s a lot to think about, especially on top of a million other details and logistics. So, to help bring a little order to the chaos, below are a few ideas guaranteed to give your B2B event social media strategy a boost.

Offer Selfies with Your Gurus

Whether it’s the CEO or the rock star, genius product developer, your company’s (or industry’s) luminaries are big celebrities to attendees. Schedule time for attendees to snap a few selfies with their heroes. Make it extra buzz-worthy — try a surprise Twitter announcement teasing the guru’s “impromptu” location. Always offer attendees incentives for sharing candid snaps.

Create Shareable Backdrops

Create a stunning or unorthodox photo backdrop that compels attendees to share on Instagram and other platforms. From an oversized 3D model of your company’s logo that commemorates a FOMO moment, to an artist-in-residence knitting a “yarn bomb” live at the show, to visually stunning sculptures, large-scale LED art pieces as well as giant, attendee art wall experiences are irresistible fodder for social sharing.

Activate a Branded Video Opp

The on-site photo booth is a tried-and-true event marketer tool — take advantage of shareable video. Upgrade the “booth” to an attendee confessional to share thoughts on key issues at the show; make them social stars when the confessionals are played on LED screens throughout the event. Or, get just plain silly with props and a scenic backdrop at a networking event; a no-brainer for sharing.

Enlist Your Influencers

Your company’s employees, gurus, exhibitors, partners, and returning attendees hold the keys to kick-starting your B2B event social attack. Identify key influencers, determine the right balance of quality versus quantity of followers, and then offer VIP perks at the show in exchange for social sharing of your event.


Being first to share the latest and greatest feeds the “hero” effect many on social media ultimately crave. The gaming and technology industries use “firsts” to great effect. Their events are often launching platforms for mind-blowing products, game-changing upgrades and new partners. Give attendees — especially rock star influencers — first looks.

Don't Forget the Hashtag

Your B2B event social media program MUST include a clever hashtag, AND, this next part is critical — promote the heck out of it before, during and after your event! The hashtag is the calling card for your event across multiple social platforms. Do your research to assure the hashtag is not taken which ensures continuity across all of your events.

Learn more about B2B event social media from the basics to industry trends to some eye-opening facts and figures. Visit the Sparks Social Media Resource Center.

Posted by Mark Dante | Request as a Speaker