Four B2B Meetings Tools Worth Trying

Today’s b-to-b meetings and events are as dynamic as ever, offering consumer-style engagements, expansive networking opportunities and cutting-edge technology to keep up with the modern attendee’s demands. With so many moving parts to manage, many brands are turning to dedicated meetings tools to streamline their efforts and deliver on those goals. Following is a look at four effective b-to-b meeting tools worth implementing at your next b-to-b event.


Don’t call it a networking opportunity. The Braindate platform gives small groups of b-to-b attendees a chance to share their triumphs, trials and tribulations, and in turn, learn from fellow participants. Talk about a dynamic way to implement b-to-b meeting tools! More than typical networking exercises, these collaborative learning sessions allow participants to build more relevant contacts by exchanging knowledge around topics they’re mutually interested in. Rather than navigating conference crowds in hopes of connecting with the right attendees, Braindate participants are able to avoid the guesswork and dive right into high-impact conversations that they suggest and schedule themselves, or join based on their interest in the subject. As an added bonus, the interactions take place in dedicated “Braindate Lounges,” away from the distractions of the show floor.


Oftentimes, one of the more frustrating parts of attending a conference is getting in the door hassle-free (faulty registration systems are all it takes to start attendees out on the wrong foot). Self-service check-in kiosks are b-to-b meeting tools that can streamline the experience, significantly reduce (or eliminate) wait times and cut back on the number of staffers needed to facilitate the check-in process. Kiosks like those offered by event software company Boomset include a range of useful features. Among them: The option to request signatures from attendees on legal documents or to validate their data; a selfie-capture feature that provides an extra security measure for the event and can be used on conference badges; on-the-spot session registration and management; and on-demand printing. When you’ve got thousands of people attending your event, expediting these processes can make all the difference.


Virtual reality experiences may have initially been more prevalent in the b-to-c space, but plenty of b-to-b brands are incorporating the technology into their conferences and meetings to engage and educate attendees. At MWC Barcelona this year, a partnership between Intel, Nokia and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality offers attendees a chance to become a superhero with the multiplayer Spiderman: Far from Home VR experience, powered by 5G. The engagement illustrates how 5G technology will usher in a new generation of immersive media experiences and transform the way we create, consume and share content. A great example of how virtual reality experiences can be powerful b-to-b meeting tools.

"5G will take us beyond traditional uses of media," says Sandra Rivera, SVP, general manager at Network Platforms Group at Intel. “Enabling experiences like this requires a data-centric approach that goes beyond faster wireless communication. It's about moving mass amounts of data and bringing processing closer to where the content is being created or consumed.”


Billed as “the new like,” Klik brings a unique offering to the world of b-to-b meeting tools- a wearable smart device and accompanying app that connects attendees with content, on-site booth experiences and fellow conference goers. Users can “Klik” badges with other attendees to exchange contact information, participate in geo-targeted content-sharing and gamified experiences, pre-register for sessions and workshops, offer session feedback and quickly capture leads. For brands, Klik’s benefits include booth dwell time and traffic monitoring, attendance management, real-time engagement data and post-event analytics. The tagline: “Back to real human connections.”

There’s no question that today’s b-to-b attendees are more demanding than ever. And that requires brands to remain nimble by keeping up with, and implementing, progressive b-to-b meeting tools whenever and wherever they complement the overall event strategy. Because in the event marketing industry, if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re already behind.

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Posted by Allison Celli | Request as a Speaker

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