Adding Value: the Future of Sponsor Integration

October 18, 2017 | B2B B2C Mobile Marketing Sponsorships

Sponsors invest significant time and money into your events. They’re looking for authentic and memorable interactions with attendees; standard exhibit booths and glossy full-page program ads don’t cut it anymore. The future of sponsorships is about looking for ways to make a greater impression by adding value to the overall attendee experience.

SXSW, known for its imbedded creativity and innovation, provided a backdrop for some interesting sponsorship activations and endeavors in 2017. Consider official sponsor Evernote, the cross-platform app for storing notes and files. Evernote took professional notes for 30 sessions in the SXSW “Workplace Track” and published them online, as well as providing templates and tips for superior note-taking to attendees.

Mobile World Congress knows that networking is central to their event experience, and attendees enjoy comfortable spaces to hang out and make connections. They introduced Networking Gardens throughout the campus, where companies like Adobe, Citi, Twitter, and Visa created branded environments for attendees to network and interact, grab a drink, or just take a break and get some fresh air. Tables could be reserved at specific times for business and client meetings, while open seating provided a comfortable spot to chat and network.

Large consumer events, like music festivals, are ideal settings for true value-add sponsorships – keeping hydrated, charged and in touch with friends can prove tricky in the hectic festival conditions, providing a great in for brands to address and enhance the fan experience. Consider Coachella sponsor Samsung, who had roaming brand ambassadors with fully charged phone batteries ready to swap out with galaxy owners in the crowd. Rather than lugging a portable charger or fighting through crowds and cords at a mobile charging station, fans were able to quickly pop a fresh battery into their phone and go about their fun fully-charged & stress-free.

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