5 Things to Consider Before Using Drone Technology


They are being called “the next big thing” in the event space. Drones, the flying content capture devices, are now being tested and deployed by event marketers. Some are using them to capture video. Some are using them to follow attendees. And some are even using them to deliver items to their guests at events. Here are five quick things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about going drone in 2016:

Shot List

Fact is, flying a drone for hours can create too much content to sift through later. Experts agree that the best bet is a shot list, a pre-determined list of things you want to capture with the drones. Photos, videos, activities, wide shots, short shots, and so on.


Always check to see what kind of permit you or your pilot will need. All marketers looking to use drones will need permission from the FAA. In certain cities or within a specific range of an airport, you may need enhanced approval from the FAA.

What’s Next

The boundaries of drone usage in the event industry are already being pushed. “Location drone technology” allows attendees to use, say, an app to have a drone deliver them a product or service at the event. And “beacon drone technology” allows an attendee to be “marked” and then automatically followed by a drone—paving the way for the next chapter of content capture.

Stranger Danger

But remember, these are unmanned flying objects. With propellers. Reports of drone injuries continue to rise. Protect your brand and your attendees’ safety. For events, the formula seems to be to keep drones close… but not too close.

Power Up

Prices for drones are falling, and in many cases—so is the average battery life. The best drones can fly for a maximum of roughly 20 minutes on a single charge, which means marketers need to put together a drone plan that leverages the flying devices in “bursts.”

As interest grows, the FAA recognizes the event industry’s newfound embrace of content capture, and battery strength gets an upgrade, keep an eye out for the next drones released upon the market and the many ways your events may use them.

Posted by Jamie Barlow | Request as a Speaker

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