4 Benefits of Phone-Free Events


Why would I go to an event without my cell phone? That’s probably what you’re thinking. As it turns out, there are certain types of events and venues where cell phones are not desirable, and in some cases, flat-out banned. Take this month’s Cinemacon, at times a phone-free event, where the major studios preview new movies. Cinemacon disallows cell phones during presentations to prevent video piracy. The Stork Club live music venue in Oakland, CA believes cell phones erode the live experience.

Enter Yondr. The San Francisco-based company’s new device—they call it a “sock,” it looks like a koozie—can turn any experience into a phone-free event. Unlike other event technologies which encourage sharing, Yondr's form fitting cell phone case locks down cell phones in designated areas. Devices can be unlocked at stations outside the main stage by tapping the Yondr sleeve on the anti-lock station.

Culture vultures may retain their cell phone upon their person. But attendees are blocked from snapping selfies, filming artistic or intellectual property, texting and making phone calls while the phone is locked.

Four Benefits to Consider when Hosting a Phone-Free Event

  • Attendees are forced to live in real-time, fully engaged in the current content and/or situation without distraction.
  • Fellow attendees avoid the unremitting glare of cell phones waving in their faces.
  • Event hosts or venue operators prevent attendees broadcasting proprietary content to the world via cell phone video or photos.
  • Event presenters, artists and entertainers can protect and/or monetize their own content.

This may be hard for some to swallow in the live event scene, but clearly this concept is worth a look. If you’re planning to soft launch a new product, share predictions with select customers at a proprietary event, or preview coming attractions, taking cell phones out of the equation could make sense.

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